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The root of the word "politics" comes from the Arabic "politics" and means to rule, educate, train. The word was used in Bedouin societies for the raising and training of animals such as horses and camels, and the person who groomed the horses was called a groom. The works that describe how politics should work as the management of the city and people, and the art of ensuring that they lead a prosperous and good life, are also called politics-name.
The word Politics, which is a synonym for the word Politics and derives from the root of Polis (city-site), has its roots in the Ancient Greek thought tradition and is used to describe the administration of the city (site)-state and activities related to the state. Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), while writing his work named Politics, in a sense, also addressed the main discussion topics of political science (political regimes, the constitution, the functioning of the state, the requirements of good government, etc.) and stated that human beings are by nature a political animal (zoon politicalon). stated.
Politics is essentially social, as it concerns who will hold power (or who will rule), and who(s) will make decisions. Since power will require at least two actors (individual, class, state, etc.) and the ruler and the ruled, politics is related to the social. The ruler and the ruler can implement their power (without dominating) by force, on the one hand, and with cooperation and persuasion on the other hand. This shows that politics can be an area of cooperation or conflict. The fact that politics is an art of management emerges in the resolution process of conflicts.

Politics, as the art of administering the state on the one hand, and the art and science of reconciling conflicting interests in society on the other, attracts and should attract the attention of all people, not just politicians. Politics is attractive because it targets power, and power not only confers power and prestige, but is also a source of material and moral rewards. For this very reason, politics is also seen as a 'dirty' activity, which states that people, groups and parties who want to seize power resort to "deception, manipulation and lies." However, as mentioned, politics is attractive and should be attractive because staying out of politics means not participating in decision-making about oneself.
The person who does not participate in the decision-making in any way means that he has accepted to be only managed from the beginning.
Now, think about it, does it have anything to do with Turkey?

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